In this EXCLUSIVE spa experience you will feel pampering and relaxation like you never have before! All of our spa guests are treated to a menu of services using the highest quality and most organic products available (mostly made in-house) while being able to fully relax and decompress during their time with us.


You will be treated to a truly relaxing atmosphere where you can let go of your stress and melt into the experience because we do not rush our guests in and out of the door. We do not pack our schedule and we only accept one group of two or more guests at a time, making for a personal and highly regenerative spa experience. The spa is YOURS during your time with us.

Have a proper spa day the way you have always imagined it should be... 

If you are arriving here by cruise ship we are a short 1 mile from the port. Easily reachable by a 15 minute shaded walk or 2 minute taxi ride. Why waste your money on the ship for a rushed, more expensive, lower quality and less personal service using inferior products? Save your money for an extra cocktail! 

If you are planning on coming to Mahahual for an extended vacation, come stay with us! We are a fully functioning Inn and Spa where you can relax in beautiful comfort and walk a few steps to the spa. See our rooms and rates for Casa Sueno Caribeno​​