Try our aromatherapy oxygen bar 


Oxygen is essential to life. Breathing fresh clean oxygen washes your cells and benefits virtually all body processes. It can help boost your energy, soothe your mood, increase detoxification and aid in healthy aging. That is why we have it in our waiting room. Our oxygen concentrator scrubs the circulating air in the room from nitrogen and other gases and delivers to you 93% pure oxygen.

Couple this with one of our carefully chosen essential oils and give yourself a refreshing boost while you wait for your treatment. Stimulate and invigorate, relax and soothe, treat a hangover, improve mood...the choice is yours.

$10.00 unlimited use per person


Enjoy a mineral foot bath

Warm bubbles, essential oils and a variety of relaxing salts and minerals await your tired feet...

No spa day is complete without a treat for the hardest working part of your body. Relax and enjoy our mineral foot bath as an add-on or while you wait for the rest of your group.

$10.00 unlimited use per person

or combine with oxygen bar: $15.00 for both




With one of our Vitality Shots

We believe in finding the best natural treatments to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed when you go home from your vacation, not only on the outside, but inside as well. Try one of our Vitality Shots to give your body what it needs to be at its best.These solutions are all natural mixes of vitamins, mineral, and amino acids made in compounding pharmacies in the U.S. to assure the highest quality for you!


We offer B12 for energy and focus, Glutathione for detox and anti-aging, and B vitamins mixed with fat burning amino acids for enery and weight loss. Add them to your facial, massage, or other therapy to treat yourself inside and out or simply have one on its own!

$20 - $30