Endulge in our holistic natural treatments to restore, rejuvenate and refresh yourself from the stress of everyday everyday life. Start with one of our facials to improve your complexion and find your seaside glow. Relax and relieve tension with a massage or full-body stretch. Go deeper with acupuncture and traditional Chinese body therapies for pain and stress relief or get quick vitality shot to boost your wellness...All of our services are performed using the highest quality organic and botanical products available. 


- Costa Maya Facial - Our Signature Facial! This facial begins with a refreshing cleansing followed by a luxurious restorative mask using organic ingredients local to the Yucatan, including cacao, Mayan honey, and aloe vera. Afterwards we move on to extractions (upon request), and end with an indulgent organic aromatherapy massage  using local botanicals and jade to awaken the senses and restore the your glow naturally.

$40US / $800MX

- Timeless Wisdom Facial - A powerful combination of cleansing, aromatherapy massage, anti-inflammatory jade roller and acupuncture to clean, lift, firm and brighten your skin using time-tested modalities only reserved for royalty in dynastic China.

$50US / $1000MX

- Organic Skin Renewal Peel - A blend of natural fruit enzymes including mango and papaya, and peptides in an organic aloe vera gel base. This non-chemical peel rebalances, regenerates and restores skin helping to maintain your youthfulness. For unbalanced, irritated, teen, or sensitive skin. Facial includes cleansing, peel, mask and soothing massage. 

$40US / $800MX

– Chemical Peel – Formulated for all skin types, this unique moisturizing peel option is suitable for everybody, even those with sensitive skin. Improves surface texture and brightens to promote even skin tone, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Facial includes cleansing, peel, and soothing massage. 

$50US / $1000MX

- Microdermabrasion Facial - Diamond tip microdermabrasion to exfoliate your skin, treats hyperpigmentation, fine lines, skin congestions and promotes new skin regeneration. Facial includes cleansing of the skin, extractions (upon request), customized mask, and soothing massage.

$40US / $800MX

- Back Facial - Deep cleanse of the back, including an exfoliating treatment, extractions (upon request), skin nourishment mask and soothing massage.  ​

$45US / $900MX


 - Oxygenating Facial Mask - Luxurious mask infusing oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides, and antioxidants that protect skin against free radical damage. Reduces pigmentation, improves circulation, speeds healing and eliminates toxins.  

$10US / $200MX

- Warm Oil scalp Treatment - Tension relieving massage with nourishing oils for your scalp and hair.​  

$10US / $200MX

-  Relaxing Acupuncture - Selected acupuncture points on the body to deeply relax you during your treatment and relieve your stress. 

$10US / $200MX

- Aromatherapy- Upgrade your facial with a customized blend of essential oils added to your mask, massage oil, and sunscreen.  

$10US / $200MX




Facial Refresher Injection

- Want to have an injection for your face that is actually healthy and promotes healthy skin from the inside out? Our facial refresher injections are a homeopathic mix of vitamins, enzymes, herbs and other remedies that are specifically formulated to stimulate healthy skin production naturally. Smooth wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, scavenge free radicals and reduce age spots, refresh and nourish cells for a natural healthy glow. Why fill your face with toxins and fillers that only do part of the job and have side effects? These injections, imported from Italy, are effective and side-effect free and are injected into your wrinkles and acupuncture points on the face. Add them onto your facial to treat your skin inside and out or have them by themselves as a stand alone treat. Let our specialists analyze your skin and complexion and guide you to the best treatment for you. 

$30US / $600MX /mL


- Costa Maya Massage and Body Wrap - The Costa Maya Massage and Body Wrap is our signature body treatment. In this 80 minute experience your body is painted and wrapped in our delicious home-made corporeal mask that includes organic cacao, aloe vera and Mayan honey to detoxify, soothe and relax your body and mind. Afterwards you are massaged with warm jade stones, revered by the Maya and ancient Chinese for its healing properties, using an organic coconut oil infused with essential oils of local flowers and botanicals. 

$80US / $1600MX

- Relaxation Massage - 50 minute relaxing and soothing light to medium pressure massage to relieve tension and relax.

$40US / $800MX

- Deep Tissue Massage - for those needing a little more than relaxation our deep tissue massage applies medium to heavy pressure to problem areas to help you work out all of the knots that can literally been a pain in the neck. 50 minutes. 


- Lymphatic Drainage Massage – This 50 minute massage stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid to flush toxins from the body and decrease stagnant circulation.​

$40US / $800MX

- Aromatherapy Massage - 50 minutes. Unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to pamper your senses and soothe tired muscles, relax the mind, and increase circulation. ​

$45US / $900MX

- Deep Therapy Combo - Not to be confused with a deep tissue massage. This is a combination of focused Chinese medical massage, acupressure or acupuncture, and stretching to 1 or 2 problem areas to treat muscle spasms, tension, and more. 50 mins.

$50US / $1000MX

Full Body Therapeutic Stretching

- Want to feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time? Our full body therapeutic stretching sessions help you increase your flexibility, range of motion, relieve pain and feel young and loose again. Relax and enjoy as we take you through a 50 minute full-body stretch routine from your feet to your neck! A great alternative to a massage without putting you to sleep!

$50US / $1000MX 

Acupuncture For Balance and Stress Relief

- In this highly individualized, time-tested treatment you can address many concerns from chronic stress to migraines, bowel irregularities to insomnia. Our doctor will do a thorough interview to better understand how your body works and apply this powerful yet natural treatment to help balance your body's natural functions. 

​$40US / $800MX

Total Weight Loss Package

- With this package you will undergo a full Body composition analysis including body fat percentage, lean mass, water weight, visceral fat, and more to give us a picture of what you are made of on the inside, followed by a consultation with Dr. Lee to help you set your individualized program and goals. We will review your diet, nutritional habits, and lifestyle to get to know you, identify mistakes you are making and help you avoid common pitfalls. After getting to know you we will set custom goals and send you home with a copy of Dr. Lee's weight loss book, Finally You: 12 Rules for Achieving Permanent Weight Loss and Lifelong Happiness which includes rules for successful long-term weight loss, foods list, portioning guide, exercise guide, and many other resources, as well as a 90-day supply of his custom herbal weight loss supplement, Total Weight Loss Formula. For more info on Dr. Lee's weight loss program visit . Take advantage of Dr. Lee's long personal and professional experience with weight loss and finally lose the weight you want to lose permanently.

$120US / $2400MX

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